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Brecksville Massage & Wellness Center has been a staple of the community for over 25 years, aiding in the healing and restoration of one client at a time. All sessions take place in a comforting, peaceful environment which allows the client to relax into the experience.

Professional Therapy

Your therapist is skilled and compassionate. Communication between therapist and client takes place prior to session to discuss client’s needs and ensure an understanding of approach in treatment. Every massage is tailored for each client.   

Experienced Knowledge

Your therapist is licensed by the State of Ohio Medical Board, and offers 25 years of education, experience and working knowledge. In addition to Swedish massage, various techniques from additional training in Myofascial Release, Postural Balancing, Thai Massage, Craniosacral Therapy and Reiki are utilized in sessions. Work is intuitively driven to provide a complete and thorough standard of treatment.


Relaxation Massage

sessions are fluid, meditative and quieting, allowing the client to immerse into a peaceful space for total renewal. Healing the body, calming and quieting the mind, and engaging the spirit. No conversation required. The client is invited to leave all else behind Breathe . . . Relax . . . just BE . . .
It is like hitting the Reset button.
From the physical perspective, general massage increases circulation throughout the body and to areas that have become ischemic, relieves stress and anxiety, reduces pain and inflammation, and softens and tones the muscles, tendons and tissues.
The client leaves feeling relaxed, renewed and restored to better handle life's journeys.

Therapeutic/ Medical Massage

is thorough and compassionate, with the understanding and focus of balancing the body. Postural balancing techniques are used for most therapeutic work. When the body becomes imbalanced due to acute injury or postural misalignment, it causes chronic issues, various stress points and myofascial distortions. The work is performed macroscopically rather than microscopically, aiding to bring the body to a more balanced state and thereby relieving the points of stress. In addition, the areas of complaint are addressed to dissolve the specific tension. Various techniques are utilized to achieve balance. This approach is most effective in allowing the body’s natural healing process to begin. All work is performed in a quiet, peaceful, comfortable environment. Soft  ambiance and soothing music, enables the client to relax, thereby releasing stress and tension, as well.

Pre-natal Massage

is designed to bring deep relaxation and comfort to the mother-to-be as she progresses through the different trimesters of her pregnancy. Great care is taken to bring relief to issues that can arise during this time. Each session is individually tailored for the needs of the client. Pillows are used to prop and support for total relaxation, and relieving stress points. Issues of complaint are addressed. It is a peaceful, comforting, relaxing and effective experience. This is quality time that nurtures the nurturer. 

CranioSacral Therapy

A subtle approach that works with the energetic rhythmic pulses of the body, and the central nervous system. Peaceful and calming, and improves function of the nervous system.


(pron. RayKey)  Reiki is a gentle, quieting energy work that allows the recipient to relax into the increased flow of positive energy moving through the hands of the practitioner. This is a supportive, relaxing and healing experience.

Brecksville Massage & Wellness

offers the client respite and retreat from the day's challenges, and a time for just you. Call if you have questions or wish to schedule. PEACE ~


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